Our CBD OIL & High Street Comparison

A family run business with a passion for healthy living and Pets. We have developed a Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil which does not contain THC, is 100% Organic, Natural & Vegan and has been tested by an independent lab. Unlike the CBD oil you find on the high street, our oil is light, easy to swallow with a pleasant aroma and contains no impurities. Our CBD oil gets to work in 20 to 40 minutes!

Our CBD Oil is 7.5% CBD considered medium to high strength. A good all rounder! It is full spectrum (contains healthy omega acids and oils) and contains no pesticides or nasties. It is clear and mellow with a light taste. Our oil is NON GMO, VEGAN, NATURAL AND ORGANIC.

We recently conducted market research on the CBD oil found on the high street and the result is not surprising.

The high street oil was dark and had an unpleasant aroma. The taste was similarly displeasing and if only a small proportion of the British public tried this, their perception of CBD Oil would be tainted. This is a real shame as CBD Oil has changed lives for the better in so many ways. It really is a miracle oil. 

If you visit our Youtube channel, you can see the dog smelling both oils and going straight for the Marley's oil without hesitation. Ollie (the dog in the video) is not fussy and would eat or drink anything if it was left out (as most dog owners know), except for some strange reason he would not touch the high street oil! Always trust a dog!



Equally Holland & Barrett do sell CBD OIL at a whopping £59.95! and the CBD oil is a far lower strength. We accept they have 1368 stores and have considerably higher overheads but £59.95 is simply excessive!

Being family run, our model has been simple, produce and manufacture quality cbd products and sell at an affordable price to all! We do not and will not inflate prices. 




For questions/enquiries contact us info@marleys.org or visit our FAQS.